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Stuck in the Upside Down

“Friends don’t lie.” – Eleven

With the month of love fast approaching, February, this post is dedicated to one of my favorite shows of all time, Stranger Things.

Stranger Things celebrates family, friendships, and the 80s (three of my favorite things ever). Not only does it shine the light on many close-knitted relationships, it celebrates the differences and similarities between people. Leave it to Luna to remind you that the essences of beauty are unity in variety. If you haven’t watched this binge-worthy show yet, please do so in the month of February!

I found this 80s inspired raglan tee at Target for only $16! I paired it with my go-to Topshop high-waisted jeans and a pair of Converse sneakers.

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Stranger Things shirt: Target




A Darling Escape

I hope your Christmas was Merry and more. As 2017 comes to an end, I’ve been in a reflective and grateful mood. This year was filled with laughter, happiness, sadness, and emotions that I can’t exactly put into words. Safe to say, 2017 was an emotional rollercoaster but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Over Christmas weekend, I spent it in my hometown, San Jose. My dear friend, Nisa, took me to the most serene place. Sometimes, all you need is a darling escape.

A little reminder to end and start the new year; always be the best person you can be. Be kind when you’re tired. If someone doesn’t see your light, don’t worry. Like moths, good people are attracted to fire and light, and they will come.

Leave it to Luna to wish you all a Happy New Year. May 2018 bring you health and an immense amount of happiness.

My IG: @LeaveittoLuna

Nisa’s IG: @nisamson

My Favorite Holiday

Seasons greetings, everyone! With the holiday season in full swing, this post is dedicated to my love for Christmas. There isn’t quite anything like this time of the year. The holiday season reminds us to be grateful for our loved ones and what we have.

Now that temperatures have taken a dip, my current favorite piece is this cozy teddy coat from Free People that I never want to take off. It literally feels like you’re bundled up in a fuzzy blanket and makes a perfect Christmas gift. I hope everyone has a happy holiday and don’t forget to snuggle with your loved ones!




Let’s Get Cozy

Festive greetings, everyone! I hope everyone is staying cozy and enjoying this crisp autumn weather. With Turkey Day just around the corner, nothing is better than being in a comfy and slightly oversized sweater while feasting away.

My current favorite sweater is this bubblegum pink cable knit sweater from Express. (It’s currently 40% off!) This sweater was inspired by my obsession with Stranger Things. Thanks to them, I am stuck in the 80’s and I think this cozy sweater will be perfect to wear over the holidays.




Baby it’s Cold Outside

Baby, it’s Cold Outside!

I finally have the opportunity to utter those words. The temperatures have dropped in Sacramento, and all the Autumn fans are rejoicing. Luckily for us, we have the luxury of cozying things up in our favorite coats, jackets, and sweaters. However, my go-to cozy piece has been this faux-fur cape from Coast

I paired this snuggly cape with high-waisted jeans and black boots. This cape is the perfect layering piece and will be great to wear over the holidays. They say all heroes wear a cape, just make sure it’s a faux fur one.





My cape is from Coast but I found a cheaper alternative down below.

The Opening of Laila’s Library

“The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.”-Albert Einstein 

With fall in full swing, it is now the time to enter a world full of cozy sweaters, cups of hot chocolate/coffee, and books. The opening of Laila’s Library is a new segment on my blog to share my favorite novels. What better way to welcome the crisp weather than to get lost in the magical world of books. Like Rory Gilmore says, “I live in two worlds. One is a world full of books.”

Although we bid farewell to October,  I’m still stuck in spooky novels such as “The Witches” by Stacy Schiff. This enthralling story is about the hysteria & panic that took place in 1692 Salem, Massachusetts. It is wickedly brilliant and is one of my go-to fall books.

Thank you for stopping by, my fellow bookworm. If you’re not a bookworm just yet, leaving Laila’s Library will make you one.

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The Lady behind Leave it to Luna

I never formally introduced myself to you lovely people and I guess it is the time to do so. The lady behind Leave it to Luna is Laila Luna (me)! Afterall, who would want to leave it up to Luna when one doesn’t even know much about Luna?

Below, are fifteen fun facts about me. Sharing these fun facts with you is the perfect opportunity to let us get to know each other a bit more. Be sure to share a fun or random fact about you in the comments. I would love to hear and learn more about my lovelies!

  1. I was born in Santa Clara, CA in the parking lot of O’Connor Hosptial. Yes, in front of the hospital. I guess my mom couldn’t wait or I couldn’t wait to see the world. My birth certificate actually lists my place of birth as, “In the parking lot of (O’Connor Hospital) Santa Clara, CA.
  2.  My birthday is April 3rd which makes me an Aries. Yes, I love astrology and everything having to do with horoscopes.
  3. I have 2 older sisters who are my 3rd and 4th role models (If you’re wondering why they are 3rd and 4th well my 1st and 2nd would be my mom and dad) My sisters and I have a huge age gap, which makes me the baby of the family. See how nice I am for not sharing the age gap between us? I keep them young.
  4. My nationality is Cham. Yes, you’re probably wondering what is Cham? We are the indigenous people of Vietnam.  We have no relation to the Vietnamese except for the fact we lost our country, Champa, to them in 1832. (Mini history lesson)
  5. I have terrible vision and I’m a full-time glasses/contacts wearer.
  6. I attended an Islamic private school from 3rd grade to 8th grade. Then, I attended a public high school. I guess I had the best of both worlds.
  7. I am a bookworm. Books are my life. My favorite novels include The Harry Potter series, Anna Karenina, Pride & Prejudice, A Light Between Oceans, and the Game of Thrones series.
  8. My favorite movies/shows are ALL the Harry Potter movies, ALL the Star Wars movies, ALL of the Lord of The Rings movies, Game of Thrones, and Gilmore Girls. #nerdlife 
  9. I love iced coffee. I never drink hot coffee even if it’s freezing outside. I actually never had black coffee (it’s so gross). So basically, I just drink ice, milk, and maybe like 2 drops of coffee.
  10. My favorite singer is Lana Del Rey. I listen to her every single day. I was fortunate enough to see her twice in concert.
  11. I love everything and anything retro/vintage. Whether it be the movies, fashion, or music. (The best music was from the 1950’s until the mid-1990’s. It all stopped after the Spice Girls.)
  12. I don’t know how to cook. (Not so much of a fun fact but I’m being completely honest here)
  13. My favorite colors are white and pink. If I could paint my soul a color, it would be those two colors.
  14.  I have 4 nephews and 1 niece. I’m definitely the fun aunt. Maybe it’s because I’m the youngest in my family or maybe it’s because I’m forever 12 years old.
  15. I love my 4 F’s. My 4 F’s are my family, friends, faith, and fashion. 

Thank you for reading through these fifteen fun facts about the lady behind Leave it up to Luna. Be sure to share one fun fact about you below. Until next time ❤ 

With love,

Laila Luna




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